Other ways to contribute -
There are many ways to contribute towards a good cause. Some like giving money while others like volunteering. Some you'll want to do again and again, others are more of a once in a while event. We've put together a selection of ideas for everyone to choose from.

Spread knowledge

  • Volunteer to spend time teaching young kids to help them lead better lives
  • Assist in a variety of tasks aimed at educating the blind
  • Use your computer skills to help an elderly in your area to learn how to operate a computer, Internet, chat and email.
Giving in kind
  • 'Giving Collection Drive', co-organised with Goonj, gives us an opportunity to share a little of from what we have. Donate your wearable clothes, utensils, toys, curtains, books, bags, etc.
Give a part of you
  • Donate blood on during Kotak Mahindra Group Week in November. Every drop counts for the ones who need it the most.
Just contribute your time
  • Your time, skills and passion can make a difference to children and youth trapped in the vicious cycle of poverty. Apart from good education and job opportunities they need motivation, mentoring and exposure. In many cases you can immediately see the value you have added. For more information, please write to csr@kotak.com.

NGOs we are supporting through Payroll Giving